Sammy & Snickers

Sammy & Snickers, Where The Tales Begin

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Sammy and Snickers, two members of the Cole household and the best looking by far. We are here to tell you some stories our mom has been sharing with us about some of her patients. Now we will do…
Bunny Sinus Trouble
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Temperance The Bunny & Her Sinus Trouble

Finally a change of pace! Our mom has been working so much with dogs that we thought she'd forgotten about us...and other species. Today we'd like to talk about Temperance, a four-legged fur baby of the smaller variety. Tempy (as she's called…
Breathing, Itching, & Digestive Issues
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Spirit & His Trouble Breathing, Itching, & Digestive Issues

Introducing Spirit, a spunky American Eskimo that has endless energy. Spirit has been seeing our mom for about one year now and he has transformed incredibly. When he first came to her, Spirit was having awful digestive problems, lockjaw, and…