Why Animal Chiropractic?

Making a positive change in your animal’s life is absolutely possible when you choose Advanced Animal Chiropractic. AAC is the perfect complement to your animal’s regular veterinary care regimen. Dr. Christina Cole seeks to create the ideal environment necessary for natural healing. When your animal’s body is working like it should, it heals and functions more effectively on a daily basis, leading to an entirely new level of health. At Advanced Animal Chiropractic, our healthcare team will work hard to create a cozy and familiar experience and relationship, ensuring a better quality of life in your animal, and promoting wellness above all else.

Often times it’s asked why an animal would need chiropractic, or how will I know if my animal needs to be adjusted. The answer is simple, every animal should have his or her spine checked, but not every animal then needs to be adjusted.

Here are just some of the symptoms seen with animals that are problematic:

Dr Christina Cole