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Cookie, Her 4 Year Paralysis & It’s Improvement

Animal Paralysis Improvement

Animal Paralysis ImprovementMeet Cookie. She is one heck of a gal. This pitbull is nine years old and loves to give kisses in excess. Cookie has had partial hind end paralysis for at least four years of her life. It happened out of nowhere several years ago and she’s never fully recovered. At the time her fur parents were told she had disc issues and they should go see a specialist, so they did. The specialist veterinarian told them if he were to operate on her, she would most likely come out worse than when she started. So her parents decided to let her be and see how she would function. Well, here we are four years later and she’s still happy as a clam. Cookie walks using her front limbs and with the help of a support underneath her belly. She can still move her back legs somewhat but has a lot of trouble getting her grip and strength up. She falls often and has trouble getting up and down. Her parents found our mom when they were looking for possible ways to help improve Cookie’s quality of life. Cookie has been seeing our mom now for a few months and each adjustment has proven better than the last. Most recently, in fact, Cookie’s dad commented on how Cookie was able to get up on her own and from behind she was walking without support, and he even confused her with one of his other dogs because she looked nothing like herself. She has finally been getting some sleep, and on that same note has been sleeping through the night, something she hadn’t done in years. She is actually able to walk without support on cement and on the grass, and she doesn’t fall over. Her paws are rarely curled under anymore and she seems to have a great deal more control than she has in years. Cookie is a work in progress and by no means is she one hundred percent. She has, however, come light years from where she started and we can tell she’s finally feeling more like herself. After over four years of not being able to walk, it’s nice to be able to help this lovebug reach more of her full potential. Our mom loves this spunky girl and she’s over the moon with how much she has improved under chiropractic care!

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