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Cooper The Doxie & His Journey With Disc Disease

Doxie Disc Disease

Doxie Disc DiseaseThis is Cooper, an adorable doxie. Cooper came to our mom a couple months back because he was having pretty bad back pain and was taking various medication to help manage it. His parents thought there had to be something else they could do for their little guy, and then they found our mom. Cooper had had some xrays taken that showed some disc compression in his mid and lower back, and unfortunately he was in a bit of pain. Cooper had to be seen fairly often at first but with each adjustment he improved. Little by little the Coop of old began to shine through, whether it was a longer walk, a wagging tail, or a more playful attitude, you could tell he was starting to feel better. At his last visit, Cooper came in excited and left just as excited, and everyone could see a huge change. He was finally back to his old self, and continues to get into doxie trouble with his sister Stella!

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