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Diego The Beagle & His Cruciate Tear

Beagle Cruciate Tear

Beagle Cruciate TearThis curious little beagle you see here is called Diego, and he lives up to that saucy name. He is a huge sweet pea that had a rough go this winter. After a few slip and falls he actually ended up tearing one of his cruciate ligaments, making his hind end very unstable and incredibly difficult to walk with all four legs, so he managed on three. Now as much of a trooper as Diego was, his mom was worried about him and took him to see the veterinarian. Her options seemed pretty limited…surgery, pain medication, or nothing at all. She took matters into her own hands and decided to try an alternative route that involved homeopathy, essential oils, and chiropractic care. It was a big commitment but even after his first adjustment he showed huge improvement. In fact, while in the room he went from having a divot in his back to a near straightened topline, it was pretty amazing. Though he continued to gimp around for a couple of months there was no doubt some major improvements were happening. After about two and a half months of treatment, Diego walked into our mom’s office on all four legs without even the slightest hint of a limp. We were excited, our mom was excited, his naturopath was excited, his mom was excited, and Diego really just wanted to celebrate with a margarita. Another story with a happy ending, Diego continues to get treated to maintain his stability and help prevent another episode from occurring!

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