Flyn the Dachshund and Intervertebral Disc Disease

Flyn here is one of many dachshunds we see in the practice. Dachshunds are known for back issues, specifically intervertebral disc disease, and because of this tend to be one of the most prevalent breeds in the animal chiropractic world. Flyn’s mom was no stranger to animal chiropractic and dachshunds, and when Flyn began showing symptoms of IVDD she immediately contacted us.


He started out with slight lameness in his back legs that quickly progressed to malfunction and dragging. Within a week Flyn went from just a little wobbly to walking like he was drunk while also being in severe pain. He was diagnosed with IVDD via an xray taken and because his mom wanted to avoid anything drastic due to Flyn’s young age and otherwise healthy body, she went the alternative route.


Between Flyn’s moms dedication and his three chiropractic treatments, he was back to himself within three weeks. Flyn’s issues were caught early, and because of this, he was able to recover quite quickly, with little pain or discomfort, and has had quite lasting results. He continues to jump, run, and play as his brothers and sisters do, and has yet to show any signs of a relapse. When it comes to IVDD, knowing the symptoms and early intervention is key! Check out our blog on the topic to see how your pet could benefit from alternative treatments.

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