Lacey The Draft Horse & Her Lameness

Horse Lameness

Horse LamenessNormally we talk about dogs, and today we’ve decided to change it up a bit. One of our moms newer clients and bigger ones is a sixteen year old thoroughbred named Lacey. She is a gorgeous girl who is a lover of veggies and fruits. Lacey was having trouble with her gait, she seemed a bit unsure, and would drag her hind limbs a bit. She had been adjusted before and it helped her a great deal. One day her mama was having a lesson on her when the trainer told her they needed to end the lesson early because something was incredibly off with Lacey. That’s when her mama called ours. Lacey was adjusted that very next week, and since then has been riding the best she’s ever ridden. She jumps, she doesn’t hesitate, and she even free-lunges in her spare time. Now Lacey is being seen monthly to keep her in tip-top shape, and her mama is happy she is healthier and more comfortable

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