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Libby the Boxer & Her Chronic Ear Infections

Chronic Ear Infections In Dogs

Chronic Ear Infections In DogsThis is Libby. Libby is an adorable boxer that loves to give kisses and hugs. She started seeing our mom because she was very prone to ear infections, so much so that her ears were in a near constant state of inflammation. They were red, pussy, and she HATED having them cleaned because they were so tender. Her fur parents decided to give chiropractic a try to see if there was something more going on causing her ear infections. They’d already addressed her nutritional issues and this seemed to be the logical next step. Well they made a great decision because little by little miss Libby’s ear infections become less frequent. The redness died down and her ears began to open up and clear. She no longer had the itching, the pain, or the sensitivity to her ears being touched and this was a huge relief. She continues to be seen for protection to help prevent future ear infections and in the meantime hasn’t had a single one. We are so glad Libby found our mom and that she could be helped through chiropractic!

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