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Maeve and her Completely Torn Cruciate Ligament

Maeve here first came to us because of a completely torn cruciate ligament. She was running around one day and came in from outside with her fourth leg completely tucked up and non weight bearing. After going to the vet it was determined the ligament was torn and she would need surgery and extensive kennel rest. Only problem was that Maeve’s fur mama had no interest in doing surgery if she didn’t have to, and instead she turned to alternative therapies including chiropractic and essential oils. Because Maeve had a completely torn ligament, we knew the road was going to be a bit longer for her. She is technically considered a senior dog and yet still remains very active. One of her all-time favorite things to do is run around up north, something she wasn’t going to be able to do if she had the surgery. During her first few weeks of adjustments, Maeve improved only slightly. By the second month, however, Maeve turned a corner. She was able to put about 75% pressure on that back leg and a majority of the time she was able to move without a significant limp. By the end of the second month, the limp was barely noticeable and Maeve was practically back to her old self. Three months of adjustments in and Maeve was good as new, if not better. She was able to go up to the cottage and run around the property and she did not return limping. She was weight bearing at all times and there were no signs of a limp to be found. Her other hip and knee remained completely stable during the healing process so there was a much lower chance of her blowing out the other ligament. She walked daily and did her at-home exercises to maintain muscle strength. Over one year later and Maeve is doing fantastic. She runs, jumps, and plays, without an ounce of hesitation and her knees couldn’t be stronger. There is no arthritis, no scar tissue, and no limitations in her mobility, something that could not be said had she undergone surgery. Today Maeve is one happy girl and we love her dearly!

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