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Molly the Lab with a Cruciate Tear

cruciatetearGood golly miss Molly! Molly here is a senior Labrador but at heart she is definitely more of a puppy. For the greater part of the summer Molly was limping on her back leg, and eventually she wasn’t able to put weight on her right hind. At that point her mom knew something was up and took her in to see her veterinarian. Molly was diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament, and the option she was given was surgery. Her mom knew there had to be another way, so she decided to go the chiropractic route.

On her first visit Molly hobbled in holding her back leg up and not weight bearing hardly at all. She had lost a great deal of muscle and her ligament was undoubtedly injured. For four weeks we did consistent chiropractic adjustments. At the end of this period Molly was weight bearing at least 70 percent of the time on her injured leg, and her muscle tone had begun to improve. At the end of six weeks, Molly was basically normal again.

Molly never went under the knife, she never was on medication, and she never had to deal with complications from surgery. She was active the entire time, her mom dutifully did massage on her and she got adjusted. With all of this, she was able to make a full recovery and is no worse for the wear. Molly goes on mile long walks and will run without a second thought now, something she hadn’t been able to do thanks to that pesky injury. Yahoo Molly girl!

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