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Molly the Westie Not Acting Her Age

mollywerenka1Oh miss Molly. What can we say about you that isn’t explained perfectly by this adorable photo. She’s fashion forward, she’s true to her heritage, and she is one heck of a sparkplug. Molly started to see us because she had really started to slow down. She was hardly playing, didn’t want to run, and overall had become a senior dog overnight. Now if we are being completely honest, Molly is technically considered a senior dog, afterall she is 13. That being said, she’d never really shown or acted her age before, and when that happened her fur mom decided maybe there was more to be done for her girl.


Molly walked in a little unstable, a little slow, and even dragging in her hind a little bit. She had also been a long time sufferer of ear infections, specifically in her right ear. Now these infections never truly went away and she has always been very sensitive about any pressure being put over this ear. Within her first two adjustments miss Molly was like a new dog.


Her fur mom said she began to play again, run around, and actually would seek out her toys for some rough housing. Over the course of her care, Molly’s ear infections have gotten significantly better. Prior to starting chiropractic care, her ear was practically blocked and incredibly oozy. Now it is less painful, less oozy, and much more tolerable. Her gait has stabilized and she’s a much happier and more active pup. We love this little sassypants, and are so glad she’s feeling much more her true age (rather than the one on paper).

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