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Piper, the Doxie With Disc Disease

Doxie With Disc Disease

Doxie With Disc DiseaseThis lovely little lady is Piper. Piper is a nine year old dachshund that had yet to experience any outward symptoms of pain or spinal disorder. Her fur mom had had a previous doxie that had to undergo back surgery due to intervertebral disc disease, so she knew that was always a possibility with her new baby. Piper ended up having a severe case of IVDD at two levels of her spine. Her neck at the base was tender to touch, she could not hardly lift it, and the ability to shake was out of the question. In her lower back, Piper had another level affected by IVDD that had begun to get so bad that she was walking drunkenly and wobbled. It almost seemed as though she had no control or where she was placing her legs and she was clearly unstable. Needless to say this poor little girl was in pain and uncomfortable. It was slow going at first, in fact sometimes Piper would appear just a touch most “drunken” after an adjustment. Bit by bit, however, she began to stabilize. Her muscle spasms decreased, her wobbling virtually stopped, and her pain appeared to have gone completely. She could shake after her very first adjustment and after several treatments was able to do so with her entire body, without fear that she may tumble. Jumping, stairs, running, she can do it all now with no hesitation. This little girl managed to avoid some serious problems because her fur parents were so in tune with their little girl. She continues to get adjusted to maintain all the work her little body has put in, and to help protect her from future similar issues. Yay Piper!

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