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Sofia The Beagle With Disc Disease

Beagle Disc Disease

Beagle Disc DiseaseSofia the beagle is one of our happiest and sweetest girls. She always lights up the room upon her entrance and loves to snuggle our mom when she gets adjusted. Hard to believe that she first came to see our mom with a not-so-good diagnosis of disc disease or disc bulge, and that she may not have a good outlook. Well her parents thought there may be more options, and at the suggestion of a friend, decided to try out chiropractic for their pooch. Well miss

Sofia arrived, tail between legs, lower back really hurting, and a slight limp in the back end. She wasn’t feeling herself and her parents were worried. After her first adjustment Sofia bounced back very quickly. With each adjustment Sofia continued to improve, the limp disappeared and the pain in her back lessened. Sofia is now 100% back to her old self, if not feeling even better. She continues to visit her chiropractor in order to maintain the correct structure, something her disc disease makes somewhat difficult. She is only lovely girl and our mom is glad she could help her feel better!

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