What is CBD oil?

cbd oil

cbd oil

CBD oil, specifically that derived from hemp, is catching on in the human and animal world.  It is a supplement you can get over the counter and seems to have many positive benefits.  However, many people are still nervous to use it because of the association with marijuana.  However, there is no need to stress.  In this article, I will describe what CBD oil derived from hemp is, some of the proposed benefits, and the conditions we see dogs use it for.

What is CBD oil and why do we prefer the source be hemp?

To begin with, CBD stands for cannababidiol.  This is the compound found in cannabis and hemp that has therapeutic properties.  However, this compound is often found along with THC.  THC is the psychoactive compound responsible for the “high” feeling you may have heard about when someone uses marijuana.  Hemp is great because it has cannabidiol, but minimal amounts of THC.  Therefore, you can get the benefits without any concern about your pup getting “high”.

What are some of the benefits?

CBD is believed to benefit many conditions including:

  • cancer
  • seizures
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • painful injuries
  • much more as the research comes out

There are CBD receptors all throughout your body and brain.  When you use a CBD supplement it interacts with these receptors.  This leads to a decrease in inflammation, pain, and more.  It has total body effects rather than only working with a certain organ system, etc.  Therefore, your dog is getting widespread benefits beyond just helping the particular issue you may be giving it for.

What conditions do we see dogs use it for?

We have a lot of clients try CBD hemp oil for their older dogs (although it is beneficial for any age).  The oil is great because it reduces pain and inflammation.  Chronic inflammation is a key contributor to many diseases, and unfortunately many Americans and their pets live pro-inflammatory lifestyles.

We believe many geriatric dogs benefit from it because it helps with arthritis and pain.  Arthritis is the result of abnormal pressure on a joint (chiropractic helps this) and chronic inflammation.  Therefore, when we address these issues older dogs begin moving better and without as much discomfort.  Geriatric dogs are a large part of our practice and we receive a lot of positive feedback from owners when they add hemp oil to chiropractic care.

As you can see, CBD oil has many benefits.  You can get it over the counter as well, which is great.  There is absolutely no reason to be nervous about trying it with your dog.  However, we do recommend trying reputable brands such as Pet Releaf.  Want to learn more, check out this article by dogs naturally!

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