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Coney the doxie and his disc disease

Doxie Disc Disease

Doxie Disc DiseaseThis past week our mom had the pleasure of meeting two very special pups, each with his and her own unique story. First we’d like to tell you about Coney. Coney is a lovely little dachshund approximately three years old. He’d never had any major health issues but had on occasion limped on three legs and held his one hind limb up. Over one holiday weekend, Coney went from totally fine to limping and lethargic. He couldn’t get up and down the stairs, couldn’t jump, and really couldn’t walk steadily. His family decided something just wasn’t right after several days of no improvement. That’s when they figured they’d try a different avenue and bring him to our mom, the animal chiropractor. He did great during his first treatment, was a little nervous but overall handled everything well. Within two days Coney was going up the stairs and even jumping up and onto his parents’ laps again. At his second appointment, Coney was visibly feeling better, greeting everyone and smiling. Two adjustments and this little man is walking almost 100% and almost entirely pain free. Yay Coney!

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