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Dice The Border Collie & Her Paralysis

Border Collie Paralysis

Border Collie ParalysisThis is Dice. Dice is 17 years old and boy is she a beautiful border collie. Her owner has raised her since she was just a 10 year old girl, needless to say the two of them have very similar personalities. When Dice stopped being able to walk on her right hind leg and really unable to move her mom got incredibly concerned. This was a dog who put her other brothers into place, was the queen bee, and ruled the roost. This was not the type of dog to stay in bed and cry. Her mom knew something just wasn’t right. After getting her checked out by her vet, Dice was brought to our mom to get examined and adjusted for the first time ever. Her mom brought her in on her doggy bed because she couldn’t walk, and she had a lot of difficulty even holding herself in an upright position. Our mom adjusted her and sent her home with some exercises to work on, and she said she’d see her again next week. Less than two days later, Dice was walking. Her mom sent over some video and it looked like a completely different pup. After her second adjustment, Dice was RUNNING!!! We couldn’t believe our super sensitive kitty eyes but there it was, in video, Dice running around in the backyard. Needless to say her mama was incredibly happy, and just wished she had known about chiropractic sooner. Dice continues to improve and is one more example of how important the structure of our body is, because without proper structure, there is improper function!

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