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Petey & Chichi, The Pup Afraid Of Tile Floors

Pup Afraid Of Tile FloorsDog Afraid Of Tile FloorsToday we’d like to talk about two of our all-time favorite terriers…you may think they’re from  Boston but no no they are from the great mitten state. These two boys are little bundles of energy, and our mom often calls them her favorite little squirrels. Petey and Chichi  (aka Marty), are absolutely fantastic pups. They love to play rough and give each other one heck of a time. Petey has always been a pistol, but Chichi has really come into his own since being under care. Chichi had a big fear…a fear of the tile kitchen floor. His food and water needed to be on the carpet because of how terrifying that floor seemed. Our mom thought perhaps he feared the floor was because he wasn’t able to navigate it well due to decreased sensation in his paw pads…and she just may have been right. After his first adjustment, Chichi’s mom came into the kitchen only to find him standing in the middle of the tile, unaccompanied. With each adjustment he became more adventurous, and more of a pistol like his brother. Now, these two little squirrels play like maniacs and are no worse for the wear because they get adjusted regularly!

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