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Ellie The Saint & Her Shaky Leg

Dog Shaky Leg

Dog Shaky LegThis is sweet baby girl Ellie. Ellie is in her later years but don’t let her age fool you. This girl is smart, stunning, and active as all get out. She continues to go to obedience classes to keep her mind sharp (though she really is a peach and could probably teach the class herself)! She is a good listener and an even better snuggler. Ellie started seeing us to help with her shaky back leg. At her first visit, our mom noticed Ellie had a great deal of twitching and sensitivity in her spine. She had a neurological response while being stroked that even caused her to lift her back leg and seem to itch. After a few adjustments, this response had completely gone and the shaking had gone down quite a bit. Ellie had been doing stairs and even jumped into the car, which she had been avoiding. Though her back leg does shake on a regular basis, the severity of the shake and frequency has improved. Her twitchiness is nearly nonexistent and her energy level is as good as ever. She will still take a night of snuggling any day of the week, but she won’t say no to a nice walk to enjoy this cold weather!

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