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Lucky The Rescue Shepherd & His Arthritis

Shepherd & Arthritis

Shepherd ArthritisHello handsome! This here is Lucky, and that’s what we consider ourselves for having gotten to know him. Lucky is a german shepherd mix of some sort and one of the sweetest furballs our mom has ever worked on. He is a senior and his fur mama was worried about his slowing down and not being able to move as much as he had been. He has a lot of arthritis and very little cushioning in his joints, especially his knee and elbows where it’s practically bone on bone. One can imagine how a lack of fluid in those joints could really cause some pain. She first got in touch with our mom during one of the worst Michigan winters ever and poor Lucky was having a rough time getting around. Throughout his adjustments, Lucky has continued to do amazing. He definitely has his slow days and some are worse than others, but all in all he has managed to keep moving and always seems to move better after he gets treated. He even continues to go camping with his mom and if he’s feeling really great will go for a ride in the car and a walk at Belle Isle. Lucky is a lucky guy himself because his fur mama goes above and beyond to make sure he has the best of the best. When he gets adjusted, you can actually see the relief in his face and he visibly calms. Lucky and our mom have developed a special bond and she really holds him dear, she is ecstatic that he has managed to make it through two tough winters and still has some spring in his step!

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