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Flair The Ordon Setter & Her Limping, Weakness, & Pain

Ordon Setter Limping, Weakness, & Pain

Ordon Setter Limping,     Weakness,   & PainThis weeks update is an exciting and unexpected one. Our mom has a gorgeous gordon setter female dog for a patient, she’s quite a site to look at, and is a showstopper. She started getting adjusted mainly for overall health, but with hopes that her strength and muscle tone would improve. After her very first adjustment, her owner was ecstatic about how much stronger she was in her hindlimbs. She continued to gain strength and improve in her health. She took a bit of a spill this month and came up lame in her hind limb, dragging her right foot behind her when she showed. After one adjustment the lameness was gone and she was once again sound. Her owner even commented how she improved that very first day, and now after several adjustments her acid reflux has also decreased significantly. It just goes to show how structural imbalances in the body can affect so much more than biomechanics.

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