Hannah the Lab and her Vestibular Condition

vestibularSay hi to Hannah! Hannah is a beautiful 15 year old chocolate lab that has been incredibly healthy her entire life. This past month Hannah began to exhibit signs of what looked like a stroke. Her head tilted, she was hardly able to walk, and her appetite was nonexistent (obviously something was wrong since she’s a lab!). After a visit to the vet she was diagnosed with vestibular disease, aka old dog disease. This condition mimics a stroke, however it appears much worse than it is. Think of it like doggy vertigo!

Hannah came to see us because the medication she was given hadn’t helped at all she was improving but at a snails pace. In addition, Hannah’s parents began giving their baby girl some CBD oil for pets, and man oh man did that start the healing process. Hannah started eating normal, even more than usual, and her gait improved quite a bit. Though the head tilt and slight wobble remained, she was doing much better.

After her first visit Hannah improved even more. She was running and playing, eating normally, and her head wasn’t nearly as tilted. She felt so great she decided to go for a swim! It has been almost one month and Hannah is practically 100%. In the morning she starts out a touch wobbly, but by later morning she looks fantastic. This girl givens senior dogs a great look and we are so happy that chiropractic was able to help fix her balance!

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