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Jake the West Highland Terrier and his Pain

back painMeet Jake. This spicy little westie is an absolutely wonderful man. He is well-loved and well taken care of, and when Jake was really suffering from significant pain and discomfort his fur mom became quite concerned. Jake would cry for no reason or even at the slightest touch of his body. He didn’t want to play and started to become a dog version of a hermit. He was aloof, easily perturbed, and truly showing his age all of a sudden.


Jake’s mom brought him to see us in addition to his monthly acupuncture treatment. At his first adjustment we were a little worried he may be too tender, in too much pain, and uncomfortable to even be adjusted, but this perfect man powered through and didn’t let out one peep. He visibly relaxed, allowed the treatment, and gave a big shake afterward. Within his first few visits, it appeared the hands of time were set on rewind for Jake. He didn’t cry when he was brushed, touched, or handled. The random yelps weren’t happening anymore and he had even started initiating play again.


Jake is by no means 100% back to his puppy self. He has good days and not so good days, but overall he has improved to the point where his quality of life is excellent. He plays, he runs and he romps. He is back to cuddling (on his own terms of course) and for the most part he is back to his happy self. We love his visits and couldn’t imagine our life without this perfect dude!

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