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Jalapeno The Chihuahua & Her Paraplegia Struggle

Chihuahua Paraplegia Struggle

Chihuahua Paraplegia StruggleHello lovely Jalapeno! Jalapeno is a stunning little Chihuahua with a diva walk and so much love to spare. Needless to say, when she started to lose all control of her hind limbs, her mom and dad were worried. She couldn’t bring her paws back to normal after being curled under, she could only drag herself around, and her bowel control was iffy at best. Everything had happened quickly and no one knew what exactly was happening. It was suspected that this little chichi bomb may have had a disc rupture, but nothing was certain. After her very first adjustment, Jalapeno began to feel and move better. She began to regain control of her hind limbs and was walking without dragging herself. Though her gait is still wobbly and occasionally she has accidents in the house, Jalapeno has come lightyears from where she started. Her parents have even shown our mom video of miss Jalapeno being told it’s time for her chiropractic appointment and she lights up with excitement. Though not 100%, Jalapeno is proof of what chiropractic and loving parents can do for the little guy, or in this case, girl.

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