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Figaro The Cat – Constipation, Allergies & Digestive Issues

Cat Constipation, Allergies & Digestive Issues

Cat Constipation,     Allergies & Digestive IssuesThis is Figaro. Figaro is a sixteen year old domestic short hair with a healthy attitude and disdain for all things furry (besides himself). He has struggled with digestive issues, allergies, skin problems, excessive dander, and constipation for quite some time. When he first started seeing our mom, Figaro had already made drastic improvements from several months of nutritional change. His allergies went away, dander went down, and his skin was better than ever. He couldn’t quite get over the hump of his lingering digestive problems that were causing him to vomit fairly regularly and his constipation. These last two things caused his mom to seek out chiropractic care. During his exam, our mom found several structural shifts within Figaro’s spine and extremities. After his first adjustment, Figaro began showing improvement. First his digestive problems began to resolve. By his third adjustment, he no longer had any constipation, his allergies were nonexistent, and his vomiting was down to a healthy hairball monthly. We couldn’t be more excited for our feline friend, and are quite glad he’s no longer throwing up daily!

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