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Ziggy & His Incontinence or “Excitement Pee”

Excitement Pee

Excitement PeeOne of our moms very first patients was suffering from incontinence. Now this dog was 1.5 years old and had been housebroken long before this started happening. His owners told our mom how he had taken a few hard tumbles off the couch and not long after had started urinating every single time someone came home. Could you imagine? That’s at least 5 times a day! And he would go everywhere…on the couch, his dad’s pants, the carpet, even on freshly done laundry. His owners didn’t know what to do…and after talking with our mom they decided perhaps something structurally was wrong causing the problem.

After his very first adjustment this puppy didn’t urinate in the house for 5 whole days! His owners were so excited and couldn’t believe their eyes. Now the puppy has been adjusted three times and has not lost control of his bladder even once in the past two months. He is now under regular chiropractic care and will continue to be as his owners understand how serious a structural shift can be and what it can do to their pups health.

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