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Mac and Indie, “Senior” Pups Struggling With Arthritis

Arthritis In Older Dogs

Arthritis In Older DogsArthritis In Senior DogsMeet McKinley and India, also known as Mac and Indie. These two massive furballs are some of the sweetest pups in all the land. Both of these babies are in their “senior” years because of their size. Because of how large they are, Mac and Indie’s fur parents heard about chiropractic and thought it would be a great compliment to their lives. Mac suffers from serious arthritis in both of his knees and a lot of stiffness in his back. He limped regularly and was incredibly cautious with stairs. Despite being older, Indie was in better shape than Mac, though still had the beginning stages of arthritis. As prevention for one and palliative for the other, chiropractic has helped them both tremendously. Though the treatments cannot reverse the arthritis already present, what it can do is help stabilize the joints while also returning any structural shifts away from normal back to where they should be. When that imbalance is restored, the body will not need to form additional arthritis to help accommodate weight shifting. Now when these two see their favorite animal chiropractor coming down the drive they absolutely go nuts. Mac will rush down the stairs to say hello and Indie can’t help but run and jump around like a puppy. Though a limp will show up once in a while, Mac is able to recover quickly and Indie remains in tip top shape.

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