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Teddy The Teddy Bear Struggling With Luxating Patella

Luxating Patella In Dogs

Luxating Patella In DogsThis handsome bloke here is Teddy, a young gentleman with nothing but long walks and loving on his mind. When he started to limp repeatedly and constantly, his fur parents were quite worried. After a visit to the veterinarian they were told their little man had a luxating patella, aka a floating kneecap. The options they were given included surgery…and surgery. So with not much in the way of options, his parents decided to look into other options. When they were told about animal chiropractic, they thought this might be the thing to try. After his first visit little Teddy had already begun to improve. He went from limping daily to only a couple times each week, and then hardly at all. Now Teddy only limps on rare occasion and when he does he quickly is able to right himself because of the stability in both his knees and his pelvis. We love Mr. Teddy and are so happy we were able to help him reach his full potential, let the ladies try and resist him now!

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