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Ramona The Shih Tzu & Her Wobbly Walk

Wobbly Walk In Dogs

Wobbly WalkWe’d like to tell you about Ramona. She is a gorgeous little shihtzu that is surrounded by more felines than she cares to mention. Ramona is getting up there in years and she had begun to struggle with walking. It also doesn’t help that Ramona is handicapable, being that she only has one eye. Her sensory is a touch off, making it difficult for her to find balance, and for quite some time she had been having a horrible time walking. Ramona’s fur parents decided to get her adjusted on a regular basis to help improve her quality of life, and they could not have made a better decision even if they tried. Within her first couple of adjustments, Ramona began walking with more vigor and a great deal more stability. She still wobbled a touch but not nearly the way she once had. They noticed her energy levels increasing and all of a sudden she was able to go on longer and longer walks. For the first time in almost two years, she jumped off of her parents bed. Though these may seem like small feats to the average human, to Ramona the pup and her parents, they are a huge deal. Ramona continues to get adjusted to keep herself in check and as stable as possible, and to get herself out of the house away from all her kitty companions (seeing as they can get a little annoying sometimes

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