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Tucker The Lab With Elbow Dysplasia & Mild Seizures

Dog Elbow Dysplasia

Dog Elbow DysplasiaSay hello to Tucker! Tucker is an almost four-year-old black lab with some of the most loving fur parents a guy could have. He’s sweet, he’s charming, and he loves to give our mom big fat kisses. You may be wondering why a pup so young started seeing our mom, so we figured we’d tell you. Tucker had both of his elbows operated on at a very young age because of abnormal bony fragments and growth. Since then he’d always had a bit of an on again off again limp when walking. Walking with his dad is by far one of his most favorite activities so this just wasn’t going to do. Also, he had started to have seizure-like episodes and his parents were worried. They had been going to the chiropractor for themselves for quite some time so they thought maybe getting Tucker adjusted would be their answer. Thus far, they have been correct. Tucker has been under chiropractic care for nearly one year and during that time has not had one episode, nor has he had any limping issues. His elbows are as stable as they can be and he’s got a great deal of energy, perfect for playing with his new baby sister Lily. Tucker has become part of our family over the last year, and we are so happy our mom was blessed enough to meet his fur parents!

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