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Hyper and her Diabetic Neuropathy


hyperdresslerHyper is a lovely kitty dealing with diabetic neuropathy. She was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year and then rapidly developed the unsteady gait and discomfort associated with diabetic neuropathy. She changed her diet, her water, and all of her external surroundings to help improve the diabetes. At this point is when her fur parents thought chiropractic might be exactly what this little girl needed. They’d both seen a chiropractor for the majority of their lives and knew the importance of alignment and mobility.


At her first visit Hyper was incredibly sensitive to touch, especially in her neck and her pelvis. Due to her wobbly walk, her entire body was on overdrive trying to compensate for the repetitive falls and clumsiness. She was carrying a great deal of stress in her body, and she visibly relaxed during her adjustment.


I wish I could say that she stayed all that relaxed…Hyper however has become quite the sassy pants because she feels AMAZING. This kitty has got her glucose levels under control, has dropped some weight, and the neuropathy has nearly resolved itself. Her gait is steady and she has gone back to being the huntress she once was, stalking her prey in the backyard, without toppling over unexpectedly. Hyper has made huge improvements and we are so glad we were able to give her a little bit of herself back.

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