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Vegas and her Severe Pinched Nerve

pinched nerve

pinched nerveMeet Vegas- a sassy and loving basset hound in the prime of her senior years. Not only is Vegas one cute number, she is also blind and partially hard of hearing. She’s been running into walls and bouncing off of them practically her entire life. Needless to say this unintentional reckless behavior did a number on her spine. Vegas woke up one day in excruciating pain, she was screaming and crying and her parents had no clue what was going on. At the vet’s office, they were given pain medication and steroids to give their girl, neither of which seemed to help at all.


Vegas couldn’t lift her head and turning from side to side was out of the question. When she would lie down she would have to flop over because she had no stability or way of containing herself. Getting up was an entirely different animal. On her first visit Vegas was struggling to just walk to the exam room because of her lack of mobility. She was in complete spasm in her neck region and severe pain.


Within one adjustment Vegas was already showing steady signs of improvement. She could turn her head side to side and lift it beyond her shoulders. She didn’t cry out upon palpation of her neck and the spasm was negligible. Within her next two adjustments Vegas was back at her puppy antics, playing games and running around with energy. Her neck issue had resolved and her inflammation was down without any need for pain medication, etc. Sometimes a pinched nerve rears its ugly head and when you relieve the pressure on the spinal cord and the nerve roots, everything resolves in a nice natural fashion!

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