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Diabetic Neuropathy in Pets


With diabetes becoming ever more common in our furry friends, it’s no wonder that we are seeing an increasing number of animals with more severe complications from this condition. What I’d like to discuss today is diabetic neuropathy.

diabetic neuropathy

What is diabetic neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is a complication of diabetes, usually in the long-term.


What are the symptoms?

“Neuropathy” literally translates to pathology of the nerves or nervous system. Diabetic neuropathy involves a staggering gait and severe difficulty walking. The animal will fall and tumble, often times unable to steady himself. Potty-ing can become an issue as well as they can fall backward into their business or into the litter box. Aside from the normal complications of diabetes, the high blood glucose levels will start to attack the organs as well.


diabetic catWhat can be done for diabetic neuropathy?

Recently we’ve had a great deal of success introducing chiropractic to animals dealing with diabetic neuropathy. Through nutritional changes and addressing the nervous system, both the neuropathy and the diabetes can be addressed. What once was such a damning diagnosis now has significant hope attached. When the nutritional component is addressed, the blood glucose levels often become regulated. As this occurs, the body is able to stabilize metabolically and maintain some sense of homeostasis. As the body no longer needs to focus such attention and energy on homeostasis, it is able to normalize.


Though neuropathy can be a very scary diagnosis, it is absolutely manageable going an alternative route. Quality of life can be improved as can overall health. Questions about your pet with diabetic neuropathy, neuropathy, or diabetes? Feel free to contact us for more information of what chiropractic can do for your fur baby!

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