Moya and her Cruciate Ligament Tear

cruciate ligament tearOh miss Moya, could you be any cuter? Moya came to see us with a torn cruciate ligament. She was not wanting to weight bear hardly at all, though she didn’t seem like she was in any pain. The thought of surgery did not appeal to her parents as she was still quite young and active, and keeping Moya on crate rest for an extended period of time was likely not going to work. Luckily Moya’s uncle told them to come pay us a visit!


With any knee injury, there’s bound to be a few weeks where the healing is slow and it doesn’t look like much is changing. There will be good days and bad days, but as time goes on and the healing progresses, the good days will start to far outweigh the bad. In fact the bad days often only show up after a stellar day when they push themselves a little too hard!


Moya was no different. Within her first few adjustments she was utilizing that back leg more and more. Her inflammation went down and she wasn’t taking any medication. She was playing and walking, and sooner than not her lameness was hardly present at all. Her knee healed up without ever needing surgery and she was able to be active throughout her recovery. For dogs such as Moya this is key! See her before and after below!


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