Potty Training Winter Tips

It’s like Christmas, but better. A new addition to the family arrived! He’s about four pounds, loves you like no one else possibly could, and is currently hiding behind a massive swath of hair frequently referred to as fur. There’s eye contact, and suddenly you are assaulted by a quick succession of puppy kisses. You’re in heaven. There’s nothing he can do wrong!

However, he quickly points out that carpet is for peeing on – not walking. To make matters worse, he announces that he still isn’t having solid number twos. How could something this adorable wreak so much havoc? Puppies are the best, but they unfortunately still need to be trained! Potty training can be a huge hassle, especially during the winter. Therefore, we offer tips to help puppy owners!

Create an ideal spot

Some puppies have no issues potty training in the snow. However, there are many that aren’t interested in waddling over piles of freezing snow when a warmer alternative exists inside. To help the little ones that don’t like snow, use a shovel to clear a place to where you would like your puppy to go. Make sure it is large enough for him to sniff and turn around. If this doesn’t help, try placing potty grass outdoors. That way your new fur baby becomes familiar with going outside. And if that still doesn’t work- you always have the option of starting training using puppy pads indoors until it warms up outside.

Bundle up

Unless you own a Malamute, your dog may need some winter accessories. A coat will help keep your dog warm while he is outside doing his business. Doggy boots may also be a welcome addition. That way a dog sensitive to snow and ice will be more willing to do business outdoors.

Reward you puppy

                  Your little bundle of furry joy doesn’t know he needs to go outside. When you place a puppy outdoors, keep a close eye. The moment he does his business start celebrating and offer praise! Follow it up with a treat or his favorite toy. Eventually, your dog will associate going outdoors with positive feelings and he will make a habit of it!


Who doesn’t love puppies? Besides cats, it seems like everyone does. However, theypottytrain can be a lot of work early on. If you’re interested in preserving your sanity and nice shag carpet during the winter, try these ideas for winter potty training! Remember, consistency is key, and don’t give up.


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